First Time at a Styled Shoot

Let me tell you about my first style shoot I attended...

I had no idea what to expect. Let me start by first saying that this thing was put together and executed like a well oiled machine! I mean at the time I didn't know what was going on but looking at everything that went into it.... whew. It's impressive!

Anyways, I drove out to the location with another fellow local photographer that was participating in the styled shoot and if I remember right it was also her first styled shoot as well. So basically, we are both winging it. Here's how it goes down. There are 3 couples, like beautiful model couples. Real couples. They are going to make some super hero beautiful, chiseled jaw babies. But that is beside the point. You get their beauty now right? So its broken up into stations, we have teams of photographers. They have set this up like a real wedding, minus the ceremony and guests. They have cakes, they have the bartender and snacks and drinks and gowns and flowers, oh my!

So we break off in to our teams. I should probably also mention that I have social anxiety and can sometimes be awkward. New things and people and pleasantries make me clam up sometimes. It was in high effect this day. Not only am I suffering imposter syndrome and asking myself if I should even be here among these amazing creatives in my industry. but I'm pretty star struck too! I mean, I am fan girling over here, how did I get so lucky to be included in this? ( I have the answer, there was an open spot and I paid a fee lol) but STILL! My first 2 stations were couples. I think we had 20 minutes each. We were teams of three and at each station we worked together to get the shots we wanted, directed the couples for poses and faces and where to look like we would at a real shoot. They were a dream to work with and definitely delivered. Then comes the detail shots. Those shots that all the brides want to remember all the hard work they put into their special day. The place settings, the cakes, the venue....

Next was the third couple for us. Y'all... they brought their dog!! I kept having to remind myself (be cool Jackie, you're a professional, you're here for pictures not for the snoots and scratches) You better believe I got him in shots though! It was also our turn with the vintage Bel Air and it was beautiful! The owners rent their vehicles out for different events through out the year and are very popular for weddings (I know because I have been trying to rent from them for shoots and they are booked solid!)

Everything happened so fast. My mind went blank several times. By the time I left I felt like I had got hit by a train, exhausted, overwhelmed and hoping I got decent shots! And when it is all said and done, I can't wait to find another styled shoot because I had so much fun! I really love it when creatives come together to make magic happen. I love the community around me rather than it being competitive it is super inclusive and uplifting. Some of the women I had the opportunity to work with have been doing this for a decade or more and here I am green and wide eyed. Feeling like a chicken running around with its head cut off lol.

All in all I will 100% participate in another styled shoot. Hopefully one day I can create my own from my vision boards!