Belly Casting Workshop

Belly Casting Workshop

Are you or someone you know pregnant? Have you ever thought about doing a cast of your belly to remember how incredible your body is and how it grew during this journey? This is a great activity to do during your pregnancy! It is a chance to grab a friend or partner for the afternoon and create something together! This also makes a great gift or activity for someone you love who is expecting. All the materials will be provided for this event and all you have to do is show up in something comfy and loose so we can move the clothing around to access your belly! Each event has a limited number of openings so if you have a desired date in mind book as soon as you can! The second half of 2023 dates will be posted in the Spring.

You have two options for this event-

Full Torso (includes breasts and chest and maybe partial arms)

Belly only (starts under the breast and covers the whole bump)

Once the casting of your belly is dried and removed we will get you all cleaned up. You are welcome to take the cast with you the same day, leave it for reinforcements to be added to the structure, or design a decorating package and have your cast personalized and decorated and delivered when finished! These workshops will be held once a month and the ideal time in your pregnancy to participate is in your 3rd trimester. We know babies come when they want to and I would schedule to participate in the one near your 8th or 9th month or between 28-37 weeks. Or join in as many as you'd like and mark your whole pregnancy journey month to month or trimester to trimester and see how your body changes!

Full Torso- $75

Belly Only- $50

Reinforcements- $20

Personalized Decorating- Starts at $50+

Workshop Dates

Jan 8, 2023

Feb 5, 2023

March 5, 2023

April 2, 2023

May 7, 2023

June 4, 2023