Client Closet Dress Rental

I provide the option to use the gowns in my Client Closet at no extra costs or fees to clients who have their sessions booked with me. I know that I might not be the photographer for everyone or have the style or availability that works for everyone. So I've decided to open my client closet up for Dress Rentals for photoshoots! Lets face it, if you order a dress it's likely you aren't going to wear it again and it will just sit in the back of your closet. Or you might be able to gift it to someone else who is expecting or maybe sell it for a fraction of what you bought it for. Then you have to hope that you ordered soon enough and that shipping doesn't get delayed.... How much easier is this! I'm local and you can come and try on dresses to see which one you like best and see the colors or mix and match different pieces. I can also ship within the US if you aren't local to me!

Clients and Photographers are both welcome to contact me with any interest or questions you may have regarding dress options and rentals! In person rentals will be done by appointment only so be sure to contact me with plenty of time before your shoot to get in and select the dress you want! Dress rentals are first come first served.

The photos below does not include the entire inventory. Several dresses have been added that have not been photographed yet as well as accessories like the set of full size wings shown below in white that we also have in black and gray! I also have 3 full length Wedding Gowns and 3 short Wedding Dresses that are available to rent. I look forward to making you look and feel beautiful wearing my dresses for your photoshoot!

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