I am a huge advocate for networking in our industry of Photographers. I believe in Community over Competition, which is a term you hear often in our line of work however it is hard to actually find. When I was just starting out as a business I found myself suffering from "Imposter Syndrome" quite often. I felt like I didn't know where I wanted to be or how to value myself. I would find myself at events around other Photographers that were local legends and who had awesome editing styles and prices that I never thought I could charge. I was fan girling! I found myself networking with these creative minds more and more. I started getting invitations to dinner functions and organized nights out. I then began to realize how important Community over Competition really is.

When I moved to Hawaii I started to realize that I was in a different community and not all communities are the same as the one I had come from. Which can be hard for someone who has to move every few years and reestablish themselves in their new network. So I started creating situations and organizing creative shoots to get like minded creatives together. I plan to continue this through 2024 & 2025 adding styled shoots, creative meet ups, as well as offering different mentoring sessions! So if you have made it this far and are a Photographer at any stage of the business I hope that we can work together sometime soon!